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What I Do

I Guide.

Let’s go back to the goal of maximizing your grades, and also what you want to learn. When you are reviewing what’s going on, keep in mind that professors want you to know the material more than ever, but they also want you to see the skill-building in the course material and want you to transfer that knowledge into your career.

I Speak.

All candidates (with the exception of the two rectors) were expected to compete in the exam, in groups of 20. All candidates were escorted to a college building on campus, which was set up like a laboratory, with a central stage at its centre.

I Write.

I wrote this essay back in February of 2019 when I was going on a group trip to Costa Rica. I was convinced that this was the answer to the exam question. And then on the final exams, the four-line essay. And the explanation I gave to my friends was: “This is going to be a long essay. Write about anything


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Christine Walters

My Story

My first job was working at a school for the Special Children’s Society. The school was for the intellectually disabled, so they got extra help at the school as there are so many of them. The Special Children’s Society is run by the parents and caretakers, so they take a real interest in the children. The work was great and there were loads of different types of children there. The main class I worked with was called Close Relationships, which meant teaching the children to be more independent.

I found it fascinating that the children should be able to teach each other and the other classes if they wanted. The children taught the other classes by sharing their experiences with the other

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