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I am a Lecture Leader and Teachers Assistant. I’m a writer, blogger, and ECD Coach. I use books and research as a way of teaching and guiding others, so as you will see in this interview, I’m all about teaching and learning! I believe in systems and patterns that grow you to be a better person.

The WordPress series is a great way to get access to experts. Today we talk to Andrew who has been doing some amazing things with the CFP practice. Take it away Andrew!

I like it when people first set out on a project. With writing or studying for their CFP® exam, it was usually because they saw a need in their own lives and work. Then, they saw their goal as a change they wanted to make. I was diagnosed with celiac disease a few years ago, and while there is still no cure, I have been able to reduce the amount of gluten in my diet and enjoy whole wheat bread and other items I haven’t eaten for years. I hope others who have Celiac disease, or other food allergies, understand that I’m not endorsing eating gluten, just explaining why it’s beneficial to do so.

The first step to earning your CFP® is to be ready to explain why a career as an investment professional is worth pursuing. Many candidates find that just saying they have the CFP® is not enough, so they must plan their strategy to meet CFP® certification requirements. CFP® exam prep questions are quite specific, so if you aren’t already familiar with investing and stocks, it’s important to use a structured, ready-to-use system like my CFP® Study Plan. To see how I use these materials, and some free games and exercises to help guide students, visit my website at

I’m a fan of testing out curriculum before funding it. It seems like everyone has an opinion about CFP® and I could write a book on the value of CFP® preparation. But rather than do that, I have a variety of tools to support and guide anyone on a CFP® journey. If you have questions about a particular course or product, get in touch with me on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or Facebook. I’d love to see you succeed!

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