How do people grade cannabis in Thailand

Thailand has a complicated system of cannabis grading that can be difficult to understand for those who are not familiar with the medicine. There is more than one type and quality level, with four main categories being Exotic, Top Shelf, High Grade and Mid grade. Exotic strains are the most potent and rare, while mid grade strains are the most common and generally are less potent in most cases. The Exotic classification is typically given to unique or hard to find marijuana strains, while Top Shelf is given to better than high grade weed strains. High Grade is self explanatory, and refers to above average cannabis.

What grade is best for you?

High Strength

If you are looking for strong strains of cannabis, then we suggest you look in the Exotic and top shelf category. According to in their Cannabis Qualities in Thailand article, these grades of cannabis will cost over 600 Thai Baht at a dispensary in Bangkok, Thailand. Different strains you can expect in this category as more rare and usually from very skilled breeders.

Medium Strength

For medium strength cannabis you should be looking in the High grade category when buying cannabis in a fully legal and licensed dispensary in Bangkok, Thailand. For cannabis that falls into this category you should expect to be paying within the region of 400 Thai baht to 600 Thai baht.

Lower Strength

In the lower strength cannabis area you should look to be purchasing mid grade which generally has lower amounts of THC. You can expect to pay up to 400 Thai Baht for this grade of weed according to

High CBD low THC

There is also a large market for CBD heavy strains, these strains whilst sometimes being lower in THC, can often be expensive as some of the CBD heavy flowers are from some very expensive high yielding genetics. Prices on high CBD strains varies a lot and you must look towards the other grades appearance to get an idea.

Thailand’s cannabis grading system can be confusing for those who are not familiar with it. However, the system is in place to help people understand the potency of different strains and make sure they are getting the best possible product. The four main categories are Exotic, Top Shelf, High Grade and Mid grade. Each has its own unique characteristics and benefits. If you’re looking for a high quality strain of marijuana, be sure to ask about the different grades available in Thailand.